Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) covers a wide range of products. Generally, products are designed to minimize our exposure to specific hazards which vary according to the settings and environments we are placed within.

Whether its Social Care, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Cleaning, Medical, Laboratories, Construction or Vermin Control for example, the personal safety and wellbeing of each of us is paramount and not just for obvious reasons. Our health and wellbeing are intricately linked to higher productivity and job satisfaction too.

Selecting the right product, choosing the best qualified supplier, managing production, and arranging delivery is what we at Global PEX specialise in helping you achieve.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) apply to product. If not stated on our listings, please enquire.


If its protection level, style, value, or a combination of all three you want in producing a Civilian Mask, we have the suppliers you need. Children’s Masks. Adult disposable, re-usable, with or without valves, different material configurations; we will guide you through the available options. Or is it a branded Sanitiser you are looking for – enquire today.

Medical & Healthcare

From head to foot, whatever protection level you require, we have you covered! Hair Nets, Caps, Disposable Masks, Respirators with or without valves, Aprons, Surgical and Isolation Gowns, Scrubs and Coveralls, Gloves and Non-Slip Foot coverings, Goggles. Or are you looking for Swabs, Gauzes, Optimeters, First Aid Kits and Medical Bags. We have a full range.


The largest market for PPE products from business to household, disposable or reusable we can supply the quality assured protections you expect. Caps, Hats, Gloves, Beard Covers, Lab and Visitor Coats, Goggles, Protective Eyewear, Visors, Aprons, Over-Shoe covering, and Waste Bags. Looking for commercial cleaning solutions why not Robot UV or UV lights, a range or Soap or Gel Sanitation Dispenser solutions.


We work with world leading suppliers for protective workwear suitable for Construction and Heavy Industry. FFP3 Disposable Respirators with valves, Hazardous Chemical and Heat Resistant Gloves. Hard Hats and High Viz Jackets. Protective Eyewear and Noise Protectors. Heavy Duty Coveralls, Work Boots and more. On site or in specialised industry, we can meet your protection demands.

If you cannot see the product you are looking for under the category headings, simply contact us with your requirements. We only list the most common products but supply an extensive range or products.

We offer a complete supply solution including Branded Products, OEM, with Print and Packaging designs suitable for the market(s) the products are to be used within.